Hi There!
Welcome to my whimsical world of paper art.

Artist Statement

As a paper artist, my creative journey is an exploration of the extraordinary potential inherent in the ordinary material, ‘paper’. In the delicate fibers of this seemingly mundane material, I find a universe waiting to be unfolded, a canvas that whispers tales of imagination and craftsmanship. As the founder of Himani's Art Studio, I take pride in offering a diverse range of ready-to-buy and bespoke design solutions predominantly in paper. Whether it's crafting decor products that have the ability to captivate , designing intricate miniatures that transport you to a dreamlike realm, or creating bespoke invitations that tell a unique story, each creation is infused with passion, novelty, and a touch of playfulness.


My artistic process is all about precision, patience and intuition. Through meticulous craftsmanship, I try to breathe life into paper, transforming it into a medium of storytelling.Paper being the predominant material in my art pieces, I also try to enhance its inherent beauty by skillfully integrating it with a diverse array of materials. Working on multiple project briefs , I have used different techniques of paper manipulation like cutting, folding, creasing, curling, dying, burning, stitching etc. in various ways. My process always starts with research which helps me in building a clear understanding of the project. Once I start with the project, it’s always an intuitive and immersive process unless it is bound by a strict brief. I build and rebuild on ideas Working with hands is therapeutic for me and I always look forward to how a piece will turn out once I start and this feeling of anticipation never gets old.


During my early childhood days, I was mostly found in the garden I am standing in the picture on the right which happens to be my grandparent’s home. Nestled in the small town of Singahi, U.P, I absorbed the beauty of nature that surrounds this place, becoming a wellspring of inspiration for my artistic endeavors.Growing up amidst the simplicity of Lakhimpur Kheri, where I pursued my schooling, I discovered my creative flair by transforming discarded items into art. A cupboard filled with craft supplies, discarded gift boxes, and wrapping papers, deemed as useless by my family, played a pivotal role in honing my creative skills. I developed a passion for upcycling, breathing new life into items destined for the bin.Upon completing my schooling, I ventured to Delhi for my graduation and enrolled at NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) in 2011. The vibrant creative atmosphere at NIFT exposed me to a multitude of materials in design where paper manipulation outshone the rest.Equipped with the right skills, an unwavering passion, and a persistent spirit, I embarked on my journey into the world of paper and founded Himani’s Art Studio in 2017 to challenge preconceived notions about the fragility of paper